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Our Company

Our company was established in 1982, After starting our activities in the construction industry with the name of SiBA CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY AND TRADING LIMITED, we have succesfully completed more than 50 projects including reinforced concrete silos, chimneys and cooling towers which require sensitive engineering background and experience, by using the slipform and the climbing formwork technology. In 1992, these activities were brought together under the umbrella of SiBA INDUSTRIAL PLANTS MANUFACTURING, ERECTION INDUSTRY AND TRADING INC. with expanding capital investment.


In the 2000s, succesfully announced its name by completing an important number of international contracting projects of industrial plants, using the slipform and climbing system technologies.

Recently, SiBA proves its success and experiences in the following areas:
– Energy Sector; construction of cooling towers, chimneys, silos and all kinds of reinforced concrete structures of thermic power plants,
– Cement Industry; construction of silos, pre-heater towers and all kinds of reinforced concrete structures of cement plants,
– Refineries ; construction of CCR and isomerization units,
– Food Industry; construction of wheat, barley and corn silos of flour mills,
– Water Treatment Lines; construction of water storege towers and water purification plants.


As SiBA, projects of industrial plants, under our commitment are implemented working with well-trained and experienced human resources; considering quality primarily in the design, construction, manufacturing, erection and business management procedures, delivering on time, being well-suited to standards, following technological developments and applying new technologies, considering occupational safety and health subjects with highest priority, being respected to environmental issues and coming into demand by regarding competitiveness in the market, primarily is our company’s MISSION and QUALITY POLICY.

Since 1982, by completing and continuing currently national and international significant projects, being prestigious and leading international company trusted to its quality with ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) quality certificate and fulfilling the requirements of OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Safety and Health Quality Management System) in the proper sense, is stated as the VISION of the SiBA.